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Av Rabby Hayden - 30 juni 2011 11:16
With the growing popularity of network marketing, a large number of small and medium enterprises have also joined the ranks of network marketing, but now most companies are not able to really implement good network marketing, for the simple reason can not really understand the purpose of network marketing, understand about the way but still ineffective, which also led to many small and medium enterprises with a network marketing are considered an important reason for non-essential. Effects can not be good but the implementation is not the way too mechanical.

Here we explore the small and medium enterprises and the implementation of e-mail marketing defects, the current implementation of small and medium enterprises through network marketing are bought an estimated mass-mailing software, may have a period of time that the result is not good to throw to one side. Effect is mainly due to poor understanding of SMEs to e-mail marketing is wrong, most SMEs simply try to ad-style mass mailer, a lot of email marketing experts have repeatedly stressed, but some companies guilty of any such natural error.

SMEs in more traditional business model of limited capacity to receive new things will not go to a professional email marketing service structure, not a lot of money to implement e-mail marketing, just want to use a software just to try. Repeated failures of this type of marketing slowly lost confidence, not to say that software is not good but use it properly, do email marketing the most important to take into account the user experience, if the user receives a large number of ad title e-mail will be deleted or not this e-mail clients such as mail service providers that have been lost to the shield, so send more messages that are not used, only prepared to receive the rate increase and improve the rate of open letter, e-mail marketing effect can be effectively improved.

E-mail marketing software is the key to the title, SMEs tend to overlook this point to write directly to the company name or product name, this is very disgusting to see more not to open. To do permission-based email marketing, focusing on "license" word, so that customers willing to accept the license or by the customer, if the message does not have one thing will certainly be considered spam, which involves the precise nature of email, the real the mailbox owner needs to understand the hair, the hair is definitely blind in vain.

The time required to send the message good control, taking into account people's habits, to seize the best opportunity to send, do not think it was sent, when not busy hair, this is not enough, the general delivery time is Monday Friday afternoon to the effect a bit better, send the frequency according to the company's sales plan, festivals, promotions, visiting customers and so decides to send old time and frequency. So that only a purpose to do the most targeted and effective marketing.
Av Rabby Hayden - 30 juni 2011 11:08
Email marketing software? What is email marketing? Email marketing bulk mail is it? By mail that the performance of the Internet's most sophisticated means of corporate marketing behavior is called email marketing.

E-mail sent out does not reflect! User does not have feedback! Even send e-mail in the end did not succeed, you have not seen the e-mail, users do not click on the message content, and so the most basic information can not be! You really sure you are now way to use e-mail marketing? there are too many so-called e-mail marketing to provide companies are blinded your eyes, what is email marketing, how is the real e-mail marketing, quick to see the text below it!

The real e-mail marketing (EDM) is based on the marketing level, with the target user group for "interactive" marketing behavior! Email marketing based on database marketing, e-mail platform, marketing planning, based on the database to protect your target audience groups, accuracy, e-mail platform to protect your e-mail marketing, operational, perfect marketing plan to protect your e-mail marketing purpose! just send e-mail marketing is a communication behavior rather than behavior, marketing behavior in both directions, is interactive!

Since it is a marketing act, the first should be the purpose of marketing, then marketing behavior, and finally the marketing analysis. E-mail marketing network marketing marketing purposes with the perfect combination of industry, through interaction with the user, collecting the target user's information, the secondary market for the enterprise ready for the corresponding data protection. For example, the cosmetics industry, e-mail marketing strategy is distributed through the mail after trying to collect user information for user data collection, the line of the mail distribution, then the analysis of user data, make data ready for the next marketing .

More about email marketing information, please contact our sales representative in detail. . . . . .

S-mail platform for e-mail marketing recommendations:

First, the target accurately

Instead of spending a lot of time looking for the pre-customer mailing address and email address, do not know what the target object

The case, sending a large number of blind in carrying out marketing messages as e-mail marketing before, as much as possible to narrow the scope of pre-customers,

Customers may pre-study, is likely to be reduced to its most likely customers, understand their real needs (not your

Speculation, but they directly tell you the requirements). Email marketing target, the more accurate the better. This

Kind can really pull your sales.

Second, send e-mail marketing is definitely not a one-time

A written description of all your products and contact e-mail does not necessarily give you the customer first, then

Give up? No, two or three weeks later, the same content, the same information, once again sent to the same person.

Results than the first response rate to 60%! If you change your envelopes, change the postscript, the second response rate will provide

Three times!!

Third, the system must have a testing and tracking

Send to a large number of target marketing messages, you must test a small area where the effectiveness of your marketing message,

Tracking marketing results System to test and track work will allow you to discover which of the target group of value to you, worth your time and effort to send them your marketing message, which looked, what kind of description of the best. Can you do to control your e-mail marketing, email marketing, the pursuit of the maximum effect.

4, for different customers must have a different approach

If you are treated the same way you do a three-year business customers and another pre-customers, existing customers will be annoyed, to communicate with customers to display your special care, this approach would reinforce the old customers your loyalty, with which to bring you profit. Pre-treat clients? Out of your way to treat customers to pre-treat your customers!

Fifth, self-centered title

So he sent him a look that is something, rather than copy to give everyone see the same ads. Only for him, he would read.

What is the title of the most attractive customers pre-pay attention to?

First, his / her own name and not to any other person's name;

Second, for his / her presence has given the thorny problem solution.

Sixth, the use of common methods of display products or services

Clients and customers to pre-no special value to others products or services. If your product or service is really about your competitors, your competitors do not have to provide additional things. These additional things can not only improve your marketing mail response rate, but also make your customers reasons to do business with you, and only do business with you.

Seven, in plain language to describe

In plain words instead of your jargon, talk about your product will do any good pre-clients, solve the problem.

Eight, the importance of customer maintenance

Studies have shown that: the success of selling the same product, you the customer in advance the cost spent on the original customer that you need to spend on the cost of 5 times! Customers bought your product, must be in a cycle to keep in touch with him for They offer special products or services to solve their twelve thorny issues. Needs to consider whether there are other customers, may be more services, or information. To practical action, raising your customers. If you insist on doing so long, your return will make everyone envious.
Av Rabby Hayden - 27 juni 2011 09:56
Walk into any coffee shops, libraries, bus stations, stadiums ... In fact, come to each place where you can see there are many people who browse the web on a smartphone, view the message. Smart phones, by definition, is similar to personal computers with advanced features and mobile phone operating system. The phone supports web browsing, so more and more people prefer to use mobile Internet check mail.

This is with my email marketing program has to do with it?
Popularity of smart phones for e-mail marketing is very large, the most prominent point is that you need to consider in the design of a message to the message on the phone's display case. This further increased the e-mail design limitations, Comm100 last few paragraphs in the article describes the design message to note the following, we first take a look at smart phones.

Smart phone type
When you see the article, listed here are several common smart phone may have been out of date. However, according to Canalys 2009, a survey of different types of smartphone market share is as follows:

Symbian: 47%
RIM (such as the BlackBerry): 21%
Apple iPhone: 15%
Microsoft Phone: 9%
Android: 5%
Other: 3%

If you want to send bulk e-mail, please take a moment to look at your e-mail and the phone screen in different resolutions are shown how. This view messages in different email service providers, where the display case should not be overlooked.

How many people use smartphones?
ComScore, a recent survey, about 20 percent of the recipients will read your e-mail on the phone, if you are targeting corporate customers, the rates are much higher. Read messages on the phone the crowd is further expanding and want to optimize your email marketing plan, we must not ignore this fact.

Smart phones have any effect on email marketing?
The emergence of smart phones email marketing software is the most prominent manifestations of the impact on your design team will become even more bruised and battered! We have discussed before, the message of the high demand will make your HTML email design team entangled in every possible way, and a message is not good with lots of pictures of. Imagine, if you tell the message designers, your e-mail template on the computer not only a good show, but also in a 2-3 inch cell phone screen display properly, they will react. Your e-mail in such a small screen-readable, but also can not rely on pictures, because pictures may not load.

Do not be too sad, errors there must be too. With smart phones, the recipient view the message probability bigger! Survey, compared to the computer user to view messages, view messages by mobile phone users in the non-work time to view the message more frequently. Waiting for the bus, they can view the message; the gap before the start of the meeting, they can view the message. At this time, your e-mail just to help the user to fill the empty time, and not trapped in a crowded inbox, ready to face the misfortune of being deleted.

In short, you must remember your part of the recipient will be 2-3 inch cell phone screen to view your e-mail. Then, you can also look forward a little bit, chances are your e-mail open rates have greatly improved.

I need to segment out of mobile phone users to send them a different message?
It was suggested that the user to join your mailing list often ask whether they view the message on the phone (which is more biased in favor of asking them to receive HTML or plain text e-mail message is exactly the same), and then view the message on the phone often independent of the user , send them a screen designed specifically for mobile e-mail.

But we do not recommend this for two reasons: First, only those users you list a small part, may not be worth putting in a lot of resources to build and manage a new list; Second, even if the phone enthusiast, always on the phone can not view the message. Thus, if you give those users send screen designed specifically for mobile e-mail, and they are open on the computer this message, then the result can be imagined.

In fact, there is no need to open to independent mobile phone users, as long as the e-mail designed to be simple in place to ensure that the phone will not open on the mess on it.

Aware of your recipients may open the message on the phone, e-mail marketing in the implementation of the plan is becoming increasingly important, if you do not consider this factor, your e-mail marketing program's effectiveness will be affected. However, a small number of mobile phone users, after all, you still have to focus on computer users.
Av Rabby Hayden - 27 juni 2011 09:49
Permission-based list of recipients what type?
In the past, to establish a recipient list, will be in their place a subscription box on the website, customer registration, or to purchase products when they check subscription. However, if people asked: "Your recipient list is permission-it? Whether through a dual license?" You may look confused, not knowing what he was saying.

There are three ways to establish a recipient list: hidden license, permit, and a double one-way permit. In this, PHPKode you details of these three different ways, and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Implicit permission-based list
Implicit license means that when someone register on your site or purchase, they also will tacitly agree to accept your mail. Although they can then unsubscribe, but then they also have indirectly agreed to receive e-mail you send them.

The advantages of this approach can quickly expand your list of recipients. If each of you have been operating on the site who have become your recipient, then there is no doubt that your list will be quickly enriched. Many people began to not take the initiative to subscribe to your e-mail, but in the end they often find themselves like to receive your news letter or promotional information, and gradually become active readers and customers.

The disadvantage is that this approach will increase the probability of spam complaints. Because people forget they have subscribed to your e-mail, some people will think is you "cheat", and when these people received the message, will not hesitate to report you to send spam. This will also bring long-term and short-term negative impact. In the short term, this will make your email marketing statistics do not look so optimistic; the long term, above-average number of spam complaints will send you e-mail reputation irreparable damage, ultimately leading to all of you e-mail will go directly to junk mail box.

One-way permission-based list
One-way permit is active customers choose to join your list of recipients, usually in two ways: in the customer registration or purchase your products and services, so that they check a box; on the site put a special news letter subscription box. Customers enter their e-mail address, opt to receive your mail, then click the button to submit information. In addition to e-mail address, you can collect additional customer information.

Advantage of this approach is that customers take the initiative to show they are willing to receive your e-mail so the mail is issued, the effect would be better.

However, nothing is perfect, this approach also has a lack of places. Your recipient list will grow slower, because there are so many people do not take the initiative to register or subscribe to your email marketing software. At the same time, unlike the dual license, is likely to directly help people subscribe to their friends and relatives, leading you increase the number of spam complaints.

Permission-based list of double
Construction of the table in three ways, this one is the most difficult, but also the safest, highest return on investment, because the list of recipients are high-quality potential customers. The so-called dual-license, that the customer first initiative as described above by adding to your recipient list, then they will receive a confirmation e-mail, only they click the confirmation link in this message, their e-mail address will really enter your recipient list. In other words, even if they enter a valid e-mail address, choose to allow you to send them a mail box, they must also be confirmed by clicking the link in the message to prove that they do have the mail and make sure to add to your collection pieces of people list.

This list is it? I believe you can see, this is to establish a list of the slowest speed. Registration or subscription have to make people feel very cumbersome, not to mention also the second confirmed! Although many people are accustomed to dual-license process, but only really interested in your e-mail case, they will spend their time and effort to register and confirm.

Advantage of this approach are equally obvious. First, you can determine the recipients actually want to receive your mail. Although this does not completely solve your spam complaints and delivery rate, but at least mitigated. Secondly, if the mail service provider is charging you according to the number of recipients, then choose this way of construction of the table means that your return on investment will be higher, because your list contains an invalid e-mail address is relatively small. Finally, even if you received spam complaints, you can more effectively defend themselves (recommended when the recipient clicks the confirmation link to record e-mail address, IP and date).

Three kinds of construction methods are introduced over the table, which is more suitable for you, only you know. If you are now the primary task is to quickly expand your list of recipients, that license type should be relatively invisible for you. If you want a list of high quality security, then try the one-way permission-or dual-license style bar. In addition, the recipient list in the lease or purchase, do not forget to ask this list was originally created by what means, is implicit permission, license or double one-way permit.
Av Rabby Hayden - 24 juni 2011 10:26
Email marketing software PHPKode(PHPKode operates e-commerce platform on the GetResponse email marketing activities) in the latest report noted that consumers this year will receive a lot of e-mail marketing information, which will include video content, such as customer feedback and product display.

Implix on January 27 to February 5 for more than 200 between the small and medium-sized e-mail marketers surveyed, of which at least 80% of marketers said they plan to use video e-mail this year, and 2009 years, only 16% said they would use.

46% of respondents said that e-mail to add the video will greatly improve the conversion rate; 20% said the video could only slightly increase the conversion rate; 5% of doubt whether it can affect the video conversion; 29% that uncertainty.

1% of the respondents said the training courses or products of the video is the most effective type of video. Product promotion, customer identification and the effect of brand image information followed.

Simon Grabowski (Implix GetResponse was CEO and founder) said that the video length is based on the best goal difference and different. For example, if the product presentation in an e-mail can be maintained at 5 minutes, then it can be a powerful sales tool, but it must provide a very simple and easy to guide the operation of the product or service, then according to consumer research, show two or three most likely usage.

Grabowski said, assuming the content is very attractive and very attractive presenter, the customer identification can run a bit longer - 5 to 8 minutes. E-mail for marketing personnel in various industries, it is likely to be a very powerful persuasive tool, we hope to see more attention to this in the future to produce high-profit application. Unfortunately, many marketers still do not intend to take the time to "harvest" the "fruit."
Av Rabby Hayden - 24 juni 2011 10:21
According to Experian CheetahMail email marketing software survey, more multi-channel retailers in the first quarter of this year's free shipping promotion.

The study showed that with free shipping as a common incentive, retailers such marketing methods should be carefully planned and carefully for when to provide transactions and transactions of the objects to choose. Free shipping for email marketers to provide basic data and analysis, this report will be provided under attack in the next week.

The study found that online companies in various industries, of which 70% of the companies that provided services for the e-mail, products and services, catalogs, advertising and multi-channel retailers, such as providing free shipping, the conversion rate is higher than other types of marketing messages high. In those with a higher conversion rate of 70% of the respondents, 78% of people found trading on the click-through rate (transaction-to-click-rates) has increased, because the free shipping offer e-mail marketing messages than the other The average order amount above 47%. Trading on the click-through rate is calculated as: total transactions divided by the number of visitors click on the message.

Free shipping e-mail marketing effectiveness varies with the industry, including consumer products and services industry the most profitable. In this industry, free shipping e-mail transactions for e-mail click-through rate than any other marketing message an average of 60.7%

To establish the most profitable, most successful free e-mail delivery service, Experian has the following recommendations:

• Highlight the appropriate product. Experian report, free shipping in the product backlog of cases is often ineffective. Marketers should be interested in free shipping and consumer products together.

• restrictions on the free shipping. Free delivery continues to provide, may weaken its effectiveness, Experian said. Provide short-term offer free shipping offers are usually more effective than long-term.

• breakdown of e-mail. According to the subscriber's interest in the product, the subscriber list is divided into several groups, the members of each group were then offer free shipping.
Av Rabby Hayden - 23 juni 2011 04:13
Email marketing plan from newsletter software can be a good future for your e-mail every step of the integration of marketing and business network business network EDM School will e-mail marketing, making a series of problems encountered in the process detailed answers and analysis. First, let's look at how to plan your email marketing.

The first step: know your e-mail readers

Before you start to carry out marketing messages, you need your e-mail marketing, a definition of future readers. Once you understand your audience will be what kind of attitude to reading your mail, you will well know how to address the customer's appetite to send mail.

Who is who you want to be your first reader e-mail marketing? Is the leading business or personal? Existing customers or future customers? Is a family or for friends?

If you have a good definition of the group you want to send, you can even write down the characteristics of these groups, sometimes the message header or message of some of the key words of description that allows you to group your messages greatly interest. This will help you keep your message fresh content to keep people in the group, and ultimately help you through the entire email marketing process.

Step Two: Know your purpose for email marketing

The first step, you know your e-mail marketing, and who will engage in dialogue, then you should try to look at yourself. What do you want the e-mail marketing step? Or your e-mail marketing What is the purpose?
You can plan based on the following three questions:

Why is your mail reader want to read your mail?
What kind of information is your readers want you to offer?
How kind you want to do your own e-mail marketing?

The purpose of your problem with the combination of these three programs will guide you to the general outline of your message. When you are not sure whether some of the content included in your message, when, looking back three questions and re-planning. Preparation may quicken the work, after all, only planned everything in order for you and your company in the future the pressure becomes smaller.

The third step: to develop your email marketing goals

The development of some short-term goal is more important to carry out email marketing tips. Formulation of goals will be monitoring your e-mail marketing activities are carried out smoothly. After all, practice is the sole criterion for true knowledge. Allows changing the target - you may carry out in the first year of marketing, when you want to subscribe to one degree or those who focus on your mail open rates in the first year from a few percent up to a few percent, Or e-mail marketing, conversion rate of profit a year ago after a few percent up to a few percent a year. The ultimate goal is to expand your marketing by e-mail promotion, and ultimately profit.

In carrying out marketing e-mail before you can plan:
Your goal
How do you accomplish your goal
How do you ensure and maintain your goals

The fourth step: the development of the frequency of your mail

After all, every e-mail marketing for a certain period of time to send group e-mail is not the same. This is also a message for your business design team requests, how to design a variety of messages. The frequency of mail in the mail marketing is also crucial. Sent too frequently, may cause the recipient's tired of sending the frequency is too low, so that the recipient may forget whether he subscribed to your e-mail, making it possible that he will click on the "this is spam." This is the enterprise do not want to see.

If your product is a replacement service and very fast, and old things there is no appeal, such as clothing, you can send the appropriate increase in the frequency. A recent price reduction or discount your promotional activities more frequently, this time the mail is the most valuable, once a week, twice a week or once every two weeks is possible. But another scenario is if your company's product change is not fast, for example, electronic products, the heat in the market has not reduced the time to send in this time is obviously unwise. So you can plan not three weeks or once a month to send.

The fifth step, the development of your schedule each day

Although e-mail marketing is a relatively fast changes in activity, it is not no tricks to follow. Timetable allows you to act in accordance with plans, in the face of unexpected situations, they also can be a good deal. The following is the provider for the e-mail marketing network EDM developed a sample schedule, please refer to:

First day: For each group, to collect and write down your e-mail sent this week, the theme and content, if necessary, send the candidate out of the picture.

The next day: write down a group for each theme and content, and select good about the picture or text to add, remember, the message content information should be consistent with the site itself.

On the third day, into the e-mail marketing platform provider network EDM are planned to start editing your message content. Check the contents of the discrepancy with the actual situation, and the message testing to ensure that the message will enter your recipient's inbox.

Day Four: Send e-mail

Fifth day: the use of e-mail marketing platform provider network EDM, preliminary e-mail open rates and link to the tracking rate of message content
Av Rabby Hayden - 23 juni 2011 04:08
As long as you have the email marketing software for your newsletter sending, you could do these six ways to soar the efficient in the email marketing.
1 to provide more value

Today, users for e-mail communication increasingly high expectations, they want more value, so the first principle is: to find new ideas to provide more value than the competition. One important thing is not just a simple marketing to persuade customers to buy products, but to improve customer education. Why is it worth to buy based on product characteristics related to the specific background, or even associated with the introduction of complementary products, although some products may not be the company's flagship product, but this will attract more users to register, click on e-mail, browse the web shop and view relevant information, thus creating a huge commercial value.

Statistics show that users typically only tolerate up to 15 e-mail business information, including credit card shows and the latest information on their children's school. So this is a zero-sum game, if you want to grab one of the 15 seats, they must pass more value.

2. To timely feedback on the new user

Companies must have a specific e-mail to receive all the user feedback. This requires a person responsible, even if not a registered user of the inquiry, should also be back, because they are potential users, have great value. Perhaps the feedback received each week simply very small number, but can not be taken lightly, because it means they have an interest in the product, to ask questions or feedback, it is likely some of these people is the most valuable users.

In general, large-scale marketing activities before the end of 30 days to 60 days registered user is most active or most effective users. Once they were registered, need to send the message immediately thanked, in order to establish a good relationship. Since then, according to the user's interest in e-mail to provide more relevant content, so they will receive each day dozens or even hundreds of messages you send selected information, and respond. Give some small gift is usually very effective, for example in order to encourage first-time buyers and give a 10% discount, 60% of cases are effective, conducive to maintaining good health, and user relationships and attract They are concerned about the next step offers.

3 Know your registered users

Although this means to browse thousands of e-mail address, but this laborious work is indeed necessary, it is because: 1) You will know your mailbox user will choose which order to take some measures to avoid be deleted as spam directly, or according to different characteristics of each mailbox to be more eye-catching. 2) If some people are using the company mail, you can roughly understand the industry they are engaged in, in order to provide more targeted services. 3) to correct obvious spelling errors. 4) If there is competition mixed in there, it can be deleted.

4 According to the mailbox feature to optimize message content

Most email users that? Gmail, Yahoo, or E-mail? Need to distinguish clearly and make the appropriate adjustments in accordance with the order.

If you are a Gmail mailbox, you should not blindly click on send, but to understand the Gmail mailbox as some of the characteristics to adjust the title of the message, the content of the color, font, size, etc.; if a company mailbox, it is very value, which will determine the nature of your e-mail, such as a B2B or B2C,.

5 user segment

Now there is no longer one size fits all approach to marketing, you need to deliver the information you want to segment users. There are already some of the more sophisticated market segmentation technology or software (a lot of mail providers allow messages with the relevant analysis code), may be worth trying, but the most important of all, to be innovative.

You can track who opened product information e-mail, or did not even opened the customer information; also able to track orders that have already handed over a fee, or no paying customers; or those who read messages but have not buy, they are worth to look good.

There is another "front end" analysis of market segmentation, that is logged in after registering users, appropriate to ask some questions. In general, as long as is not difficult to answer multiple-choice questions, users are generally happy to answer at least four questions, including their phone number given or email address.

This time you can be broken down to the user's intent, such as why the information users want your product or business news? She or he your information for? You can even make phone calls further marketing or SMS marketing. A wide range of tools make our customers with personalized e-mail as possible at the same time, customers are more willing to accept such information. Amazon online bookstore, through the customer's shopping history to customers who are willing to accept the proposal to send an email and recommendations, which won many loyal customers.

6 for large customers with more concessions

Major customers are the most valuable of all registered users of the group, so give them preferential treatment will be more, usually at the next purchase they offer 20% discount, or directly by $ 100. Of course, you will find that occasionally a few users may only purchase $ 101 of goods (on average, these large customers would buy $ 350 of goods), but it does not matter, first of all, many big clients do not often use these benefits , and if they enjoy the benefits, they usually average $ 1,000 to buy goods, so that the satisfaction of all.

Moreover, according to the characteristics of these customers, combined with Email Marketing convenient, fast and can provide some of the time-sensitive information. For example, the travel company Travelocity has continually sent to the customer is called "Online booking" email, you can give customers real-time updates when needed for ticket information.
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